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One simple way to show confidence

Don't screw this up!

I have met a lot of people in my time... and this one always makes me laugh!

It's so simple... but soooooo easy to screw up.

The handshake... and it tells so much about you...

All you need to do is push that soft squishy part of your hand between your thumb and index finger into the same soft squishy part between their thumb and index finger...

Squeeze firmly...

And pump a couple of times while making eye contact and introducing yourself.

Don't forget to remember their name.

How could you screw this up?


  • By giving them the dead fish... the limp hand of death that feels lifeless and un-moving... exactly like you're handing someone a dead fish.

  • By trying to dominate them and break their hand.

  • By grabbing their fingers instead of having proper placement of hands.

  • By having hands that are sweaty or ice cold.

Taaaa Daaaa

It doesn't hurt to make eye contact, smile and say your name loud enough for them to hear.

Now go do it a thousand times!


#change #anxiety #handshake

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