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Guys... Don't do this on Tinder

I was just speaking with a woman I know last night about #Tinder and the guys she was/wasn't meeting on there.

She was complaining that the last guy she matched with... (besides me hahaha) found out what she did for work (which happened to be the same thing he does) and proceeded to text her nonstop about work... at which point she stopped replying back to him. #ghosted

Aaannnnd I don't really blame her.

#single women are NOT coming to Tinder to talk about work... yes... they're going to be curious about what you do... but they open the #app to have some fun and maybe meet someone. And it's exciting to meet someone isn't it?


That's why all of us are there...

So if you think that talking endlessly about work is exciting and she is actually bored by it... wtf do you think is going to happen?

It's not rocket science princess.

She's going to do exactly what my new friend did to the other guy and #unmatch

Would you look at that... while I've been writing this she sent me some interesting Snaps...

Now I understand that you can't tell by looking at someone what they are going to value or be looking for... and yes... part of it is up to her to give you the room to communicate with you and let you know what she is all about... but it probably wouldn't hurt to err on the side of making sure she is enjoying the convo (do that VERY quickly) and is looking forward to talking to you again.

Yes guys... good looks and a fit body help... but not as much as making her feel good when you're messaging her.

You might get off on talking about what you do, and what you drive, and how much money you make, how much you work out, and how close you are to your mom... #tindernightmares but she doesn't care... that's boring shit to her!

If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got...

Could that be nothing?

PS... I'm not done with this article yet.

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