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About Us

Social Skills School is a team of hardworking coaches dedicated to making sure that you become the person you want to be!
We offer personalized and small group coaching that address the areas of your social life that are causing you problems.
  • How to crush your next job interview
  • How to make a date
  • How to reduce your accent
  • How to improve your online dating profile
  • How to make new friends
  • How to flirt
  • How to create attraction
  • How to feel comfortable in a group
  • How to feel comfortable around strangers
  • How to talk to girls
  • How to talk to guys
  • How to always have something to say
  • How to create chemistry on a date
  • How to grow your social circle
  • How to calm social anxiety
  • How to text girls
  • How to improve your confidence
  • And soooooo much more!
Social Skills School gives you the opportunity to work with our coaches to smooth the process of learning social skills... and make you better able to perform well in the future!
We are offering you a completely free phone or video consultation to determine where you are struggling, how you would like to improve, and give you some tips and strategies for improvement... FREE 
You are not obligated to buy anything from us and we will not pressure you in any way!  It's completely free!
Email us today to book your FREE consultation!
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